Fr. Michael's Thoughts on Formation


The author to the book of Genesis states clearly that God made us all from the dust of the earth and he fashioned us in his own image and likeness. The fall of Adam and Eve brought a defect to our likeness to God. It has therefore been the main aim of the main actors in salvation history to restore man to his original identity. Jeremiah 18 paints a beautiful portrait of how God is patient with our remodeling.

On the request of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Office, I will be posting a weekly reflection on formation of “self.” The focus of this series will be on auto-formation, that is, how one can discern well and live a more fruitful life in Christ. Human Formation is crucial for every Christian and not only for those under formation preparing for the priesthood. Without knowledge of self, it is difficult for one to have a fruitful relationship with Jesus and his Word.  All the disciples of Jesus were made aware of who they were before they departed that life to be with Jesus. Peter and Andrew, were first recognized as fishermen before they were transformed to become true representatives of Christ, especially after his departure. This transformation became so marvelous that, in Acts 4:13, Luke tells us that the Sanhedrin were shocked the depth of Peter’s knowledge after profiling him only to be a Galilean fisherman with no formal training. Only for Peter to turn and remind them that he has been with the Lord.

Formation has become key to my life and I will be using this medium to share my thoughts with you. God bless You as you journey with me.





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